The Periyar Interpretation Centre – A Guided Tour

The Periyar Interpretation Centre is a visual and audible treat for nature lovers who visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is a one stop destination for all the knowhow related to the flora and fauna that is home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and it also serves as a guide for those seeking a better appreciation and understanding of the various nuances of the jungle and its diverse and complex eco system, Located near the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the Centre is just a few minutes’ walk from Kumily town.  It is a must visit for all those visiting the reserve.

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Calvary Mount

Calvary Mount nestled in the high ranges of Idduki district where the Great place of tourist interest in Kerala. It is located at a distance of about 12 kilometers away from Idduki and just 43 Kilometers form Greenwoods Resort, Thekkady and is a worth visiting tourist destination in the god’s own country.

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Thekkady Tribal Dance : Art Forms from a Forgotten Era

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is shining example of how indigenous tribal communities live harmoniously in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The tribal communities like the the Mannans, Palliyans, Malayarayans, Mala Pandarams, Urails and Ulladans are examples of how man can still live in a peaceful coexistence with nature in this modern era.

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Sathram Thekkady

The word Sathram means ‘a resting place’ in Malayalam. The place called Sathram in Thekkady was traditionally used by pilgrims and devotees of Lord Ayappan on their way to the Sabarimala Temple. It was a resting point for these pilgrims before they began their 10 km long arduous trek through the dense forests all the way up to the famous temple to pay their homage to Lord Ayyappa.

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A Rare and Esteemed Visitor of the Periyar Tiger Reserve

The Wooly Necked or White Necked Stork or the Karivarakkuru as it is locally called, is one of those species that is like one of those rare guest who visits our home on very seldom occasions and yet manages to leave us with a treasure of memories. Such is the impact that this particular feathered guest has on visitors to the Periyar National Park.

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