Calvary Mount

Calvary Mount nestled in the high ranges of Idduki district where the Great place of tourist interest in Kerala. It is located at a distance of about 12 kilometers away from Idduki and just 43 Kilometers form Greenwoods Resort, Thekkady and is a worth visiting tourist destination in the god’s own country.

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Sathram Thekkady

The word Sathram means ‘a resting place’ in Malayalam. The place called Sathram in Thekkady was traditionally used by pilgrims and devotees of Lord Ayappan on their way to the Sabarimala Temple. It was a resting point for these pilgrims before they began their 10 km long arduous trek through the dense forests all the way up to the famous temple to pay their homage to Lord Ayyappa.

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Social Responsible Initiatives

Nature’s Story Of Unity And Community Living

Have you ever noticed a beehive? How it always seem so busy, so full of activity and life? Well it is just one of the most fascinating works of creation on this beautiful earth. It takes an entire community of bees for a beehive to thrive and grow. Every single bee has a very important role in making the beehive what it truly is – an eco system that forms the basis of greater things. Take a wedding for instance. It results in a union called marriage. A whole cycle of events transpire to create what we humans like to call ‘a match made in the heavens.’

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Thekkady’s Unexplored Cycling Trails at The Periyar National Park

One of Thekkady’s most unexplored activities is the vast and varied cycling tails that exist in the region. For cycling enthusiasts of all kinds, the region offers some of the most fascinating and challenging cycling trails. One can take a ride on one of these trails and enjoy the raw, unspoiled beauty of the wilderness and local sights and sounds.

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