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Vanya, means `Wild' and the name in itself portrays the location of our standalone Tree house. This is dedicated to those who are adventurous and would love to be up, close and personal with Mother Nature. It is located in a 10 acre hillside filled with organic plantation and gigantic trees ,adjacent to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, in Thekkady, and is the best place from where you can get a glimpse of the variety of wild animals roaming in their natural habitat. Accessible only by an uphill trek for the last kilometer, guests are taken on a 4 X 4 vehicle till the base camp. From the base camp you need to trek uphill for a kilometer to reach the drawbridge which takes you to the Tree House base. Every evening this drawbridge is folded back and then you are safe there.


  • Tree House is located 4 kms away from Greenwoods Resort
  • From Greenwoods Resort, you are taken in a 4X4 Jeep and then you have to trek 700 meters up to reach the Tree House, which is located in Forest Ambiance.
  • The terrain is 3000 feet height from seal level with panoramic view of surrounding Forests, Hills and Valleys.
  • The sounds of Birds, occasional movements of wild animals, which you can watch from Tree House balcony; all take you to a different experience with nature.
  • There is no other habitations for miles or views
  • Food is served from Butler Home which is connected with Tree House with Intercom. There is 3 staff in Butler Home exclusively at your service
  • Power is supplied by Solar Panel and Wind Mill .
  • There is a coffee shop 10 meters away from Tree House, which is also build on a natural tree

There are places for rest and refreshments en route for those who find the Trek tiresome. Further uphill from the tree house, you arrive at the top of the hill, which provides you a panoramic view of forests, ridges and mountains which are part of the expansive 777 sq.km. Periyar Tiger Reserve.

The Tree House has a bedroom, a wash and toilet and a sit out to look out for animals that pass by. A simple, back to basics experience but with a location that rests alongside the forest cover, in a terrain about 2000 feet height from sea level. Two house staff that stays at base camp, accessible by intercom, who make and deliver your food. Please do note food served is Kerala cuisine and in home cooked style.

Bookings for Vanya need to be done in advance due to the high demand from niche travelers.

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